Month: May 2015

Shopping for auto insurance is much like shopping for any other major product

Shopping for auto insurance is much like shopping for any other major product or appliance. You’ll want to focus in on the very best price, a quality product or service and good customer service. Generally, most auto insurance companies sell the same product or insurance coverage like liability, comprehensive, collision, medical, personal injury, under insured, uninsured, rental and towing coverage. Since, they all sell the same types of insurance coverage; you can be assured you’ll find what you need. However, when shopping for auto insurance, you need to focus on the companies stability, their customer service and prices.

Auto Insurance Companies

If you’ve just moved to a new state like Texas or are sick and tired of getting the run around from your old auto insurance company, it may be time to find a new auto insurance company. Don’t assume all insurance companies are the same, because they are not. Be sure to get insurance from a trustworthy source such as

Look for companies that have a solid work history and have been in business for several years. Using the Internet to find the car insurance Texas companies has certainly made it much easier. However, you need to be aware of fraudulent companies, those with poor business ratings and companies that are just out to take your money.

Using websites for auto insurance quotes is a great way to get a quick overview of today’s rates. Just make sure you research any companies you’re seriously considering with the Better Business Bureau, and check their financial strength rating at Standard & Poor’s Rating Services. Avoid signing up with companies that have poor BBB ratings or those that don’t look financially stable.

Besides using insurance quote sites, the BBB and checking the financial strength of a company, you might check around with your co-workers, relative or friends to see what company they are using and why.

Customer Service

Auto insurance companies can promise you the world when it comes to providing coverage. However, until you meet an agent in person, research, make a claim or have a problem, you may not know what kind of customer service you’re getting.

• When researching companies, make sure they offer 24/7 customer service. Accidents happen any time or day of the week and you need this support.

• If possible, don’t sign up with a company until you meet the insurance agent in person. You want an agent that’s professional, sharp and capable.

• Research auto insurance reviews online before writing your check. You may find both positive and negative experiences that help you to define the company’s values and whether they go out of their way to be helpful and provide excellent customer service.

Proper Auto Insurance Coverage

Even though your main priorities are the companies stability, customer service and prices, don’t forget to evaluate your coverage needs carefully. For example, if you just moved to Texas, you’ll need to make sure you comply with the Texas financial responsibilities laws. The basic liability coverage to drive in Texas is 30/60/25.

• $30,000 for each individual that’s injured.
• $60,000 for each accident.
• $25,000 for property damage for each accident.
• Required to carry proof of insurance.

Evaluate your insurance coverage needs yearly to determine if you can reduce coverage or need additional coverage due to lifestyle changes.


If you don’t shop around for price quotes on auto insurance, there is a very good chance you’ll be over paying for insurance coverage. Pay particular attention to potential discounts that may apply after 50 years of age, installing a security or camera system, an improved credit score or defensive driving courses for example.

Finding a reliable insurance company, quality customer service and great prices takes a little research and time. However, it’s well worth the effort to know you’re dealing with a quality company that will come through when you need them.