Cheap Auto Insurance for Teenagers

Once your child turns 15 years of age in Texas, he can apply for a learner’s permit to start learning how to drive. This is not only a momentous occasion for your child, but for you too. Deep inside you’re probably proud of him or her for learning how to drive. On the other hand, you may be terrified of what he’ll do to your auto insurance premium. Yes, you’ll probably have an increase in your premium. However, these tips might be just what you need to offset increased charges and ease the burden just a little!

Talk to Your Child About Safe Driving

The more your child learns about safe driving, the less you’ll have to be concerned about his safety, accidents, your automobile and an increase in your auto insurance premium.

• Discuss rules about driving, alcohol and drugs.

• Explain the importance of not using a cell phone while driving.

• Consider limiting the number of kids allowed in the car while driving.

• Teach your child to obey driving laws and provide an explanation.

• Before your child begins learning to drive, establish ground rules. Consider setting a time limit and driving restrictions like no driving on school nights after 10 pm.

• Monitor your child’s driving and correct him when he makes a mistake. Explain what he did wrong, why and how to correct the mistake.

The Best Car for Your Child

• New vehicles cost more to insure than older cars.

• Newer cars do have more safety devices like air bags than older models.

• Auto insurance is less on older vehicles because they cost less to repair.

• Sports cars may encourage a teen to drive faster and recklessly.

• Sports cars typically cost more to insure because of expensive repairs.

• Overall, older cars offer more protection to drivers and passengers in an accident.

• Older sedans cost less to purchase than new cars, they are heavier and can withstand the damages of an accident more than newer lightweight vehicles.

A New Auto Insurance Policy or Yours

You can add your teen to your existing auto insurance policy or buy a separate policy just for him. However, most of the time, the cheapest route is to add him to your policy. Get an insurance policy from your local Texas insurance agent, here is one for you: <a href=””></a>.

Comparison Shop for Auto Insurance Deals

Before settling on one insurance carrier or automatically adding your child to your existing policy, consider comparison-shopping. There are several websites that allow you to comparison shop for auto insurance, which will give you an idea of the current rates and what to expect.

Teenage Discounts?

• Encouraging your child to keep his grades up could result in a discount from some insurers. Most insurers offer a discount for students with a grade point average of B or better.

• Enroll your child in a driver safety education class at school or online.
You’ll feel better about his driving abilities, and you may qualify for a discount.

Look for Auto Insurance Discounts

• After some time, your teen may qualify for a good driver discount if he has no accidents or violations.

• Adding additional safety features to a vehicle could reduce premiums.

• Consider bundling packages for auto and home insurance to reduce premiums.

Increasing the Auto Insurance Deductible

If adding your child to your insurance in Texas makes your premium unaffordable, consider increasing your deductible to reduce your premium amount.

The best thing you can do to prepare your child for driving, is to answer his questions about driving, help him to understand the rules of the road and encourage good driving habits. Getting auto insurance for your child will be an additional expense. However, driving an older model vehicle, maintaining good grades and taking a driver education course could make a difference.